Con Rod Bearings

The connecting rod bearing is mounted on the big end of the connecting rod. The connecting rod bearing adopts a separate thin-walled sliding bearing composed of steel back and an anti-friction layer, and there is an oil groove on the inner surface to store oil and ensure lubrication. The function of the connecting rod and the bearing is to link the piston and the crankshaft, convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotational motion of the crankshaft and transmit the force on the piston to the crankshaft.You no longer need to seek replacement spare parts from a different supplier, and you can get everything you need in LandTopMall.

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Con rod bearings provide rotating motion of the crank pin within theconnecting rod, which transmits cycling loads applied to the piston. Connecting rod bearings are mounted in the Big end of the connecting rod. A bearing consists of two parts (commonly interchangeable).