Cylinder Head Gasket

In internal combustion engines, cylinder gaskets are used to ensure the sealing between the joint surface of the cylinder block and the cylinder head.
Its purpose is to seal the combustion gases in the cylinder and prevent coolant or oil from leaking into the cylinder. A leaking cylinder head gasket can cause the engine to run poorly or overheat.Please use high-quality cylinder head gaskets to prevent leaks, and contact LandTopMallde Spare Parts experts to purchase new cylinder head gaskets!

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The Cylinder Head Gasket is a critical component that is fitted between the engine block and its cylinder heads. Its main purpose is to ensure that the coolant or the engine oil does not leak into the cylinders. Any stray substances leaking into the cylinder would cause an adverse effect on the efficiency of your engine, as such the cylinder head gasket is the most important sealing that your car has.

The head gaskets are usually made from multiple layers steel which consists of three solid steel sheets. The contact faces are coated with an adhesive to keep the gasket attached to the cylinder block and head. The central layer is a thick layer of steel sandwiched between the outer layers. Cylinder gaskets are also constructed from a solid sheet of copper that is “o-ringed” to ensure that the gasket is fitted securely around the cylinder head.